Marvelous Galaxy (XBLIG)


“Marvelous Galaxy” is a turn-based strategic game setted in a particular universe.
There are available three game modes: Single player, Multiplayer and Fight Now.

At the first one, player must choose one of the fiveteen maps offered and fight the CPU or Human opponent to win.

At the Multiplayer mode, until four players can be confronted in a chosen map.

In both modes, the objective is conquer all enemy planets with your own robots, finding resources in asteroids, space stations or making it at your conquered planets.

‘Fight Now’ is the third mode. Player must choose five robots or outer-space creatures to win an inmediate battle.

Every creature of Marvelous Galaxy has its own statistics: melee attack, distance attack, defense and speed. In the single or multiplayer mode, the player can choose which of these statistics want to improve in the robots factory.

The player will find in Marvelous Galaxy a lot of challenges travelling along the fiveteen thoughtful maps.